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22.Common wax of oral cavity

Apr 28, 2022

1. Casting wax: kini is mainly used to make a model wax for various metal casting restorations. It is generally used to make wax casting model sama sa inlays, some crowns, full crowns, metal brackets of fixed bridges and removable partial denture. Clinically, cast waxes are divided into embedded waxes and metal casting stents. At the same time, there are also finished wax lines, mesh waxes, wrinkles wax, bracket wax, card ring wax, etc.

2. The base wax: kini is mainly used in the mouth or model to produce restoration of local dentures, full arko pustiso, Ug talo modelos of artificial teeth. Ang basihan waxes are divided into wax for winter ug wax for Ting-init.

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