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Excellent material for root canal treatment - zirconia crown

Jun 29, 2022

Unsa ang pagtambal sa root canal?

If a tooth has pulpitis or apical periodontitis, the correct treatment is root canal therapy. Simply put, the purpose of root canal treatment is to try to remove the necrotic tissue, bacteria and their products in the root canal, and to form a certain taper, and to fill the root canal with sterile gutta-percha filling material, so as to achieve the purpose of three-dimensional filling and prevent the root canal. The re-invasion of bacteria promotes the recovery of the periapical tissue and restores the normal function of the teeth.


What are the steps of root canal treatment

1. Root canal preparation - open the tooth nerve cavity, completely remove the diseased tooth nerve tissue, measure the length of the root, and expand the root canal.


2. Root canal irrigation is a repeated operation in root canal treatment. The small fragments of organic matter in the root canal and the fine particles of hard tissue that have been cut off are rinsed with disinfectant.


3. Root canal disinfection - put special disinfection drugs in the root canal, and seal the hole with a temporary sealing material to further disinfect the root canal.


4. Root canal filling - use dental professional filling materials to seal the root canal tightly to prevent bacteria and other infectious substances from re-entering the root canal and causing new inflammation.


So after root canal treatment, what materials can we use for treatment?

1. PMMA : we can use Bloomden PMMA as filler material.

The advantages of PMMA for root canal

ubos nga presyo

Excellent weatherability and resistance to UV radiation.


High gloss and hardness (when modified)

Dimensionally stable.

Good abrasion resistance - surface scratches can be sanded away (after modification)

PMMA A1 ML 98×16mm 

PMMA A1 ML 98×16mm

2. Porcelain crown: we can make crown for root canal treatment.

We are always choose porcelain crown and metal crown in our daily life, but Bloomden recommends choosing zirconia crowns, so what are the advantages of zirconia crown compared to metal crown?


Problems with metal porcelainkorona:

1.Adunay problema sa pagbugkos tali sa metal ug seramik, ug kini sayon ​​nga mahulog.     

2. Ang mga metal adunay mga problema sa oksihenasyon ug mga problema sa acid corrosion.

Sa acid-base nga palibot sa oral cavity, ang metal-ceramic nga ngipon dili lig-on ubos sa aksyon sa bakterya, ug adunay piho nga interference sa metal sa panahon sa CT o MRI.

3.Aesthetic nga mga isyu.

Ang mga kilid sa metal-porselana nga mga ngipon itom.


Metal nga porselana nga ngipon

Sa niini nga tulo ka mga isyu, ang mga bentaha sa zirconia porselana ngipon:

1.Ang mga korona sa Zirconia walay problema sa pagbugkos tali sa metal ug seramiko.

2. Ang Zirconia mas lig-on kay sa metal.

3.Zirconia has good translucency and refraction, and will not appear black lines on the neck of the tooth, so that the neck of the tooth can also achieve a good aesthetic effect, which is impossible to catch up with metal porcelaincrown.


Ang Bloomden zirconia nag-block sa pamilya

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