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Glazing method of porcelain dentures

Apr 24, 2022

1. Wash the denture embryo with steam.

2. Paint and dye the denture with dyed porcelain. The posterior teeth are dyed first in the development groove, and gradually dyed from light to dark in the order from the auxiliary groove to the main groove to the pit.

3. Apply glaze water to the lingual and labial sides of the denture embryo, as well as the occlusal surface of the posterior teeth near the 3/5 area of the incisal end, and do not apply the glaze water to the area of 1/3 area of the posterior teeth close to the central groove.

4. According to the color comparison between the color guide and the true color of the real tooth, select the dyeing porcelain to gradually paint and dye it from dark to light.

5. Dapit the denture sa hudno, preheat and bake kini.

6. Pre-dye the denture gradually with dyed porcelain from light to dark, and then apply glaze water to obtain a balanced glaze layer.

7. After colorpagtandi, dye the denture from dark to light, so that the glaze layer brushed on the surface of the denture embryo can form a color and luster that matches the real tooth. Due to the use of graded and direction-specific brushing, the color balance of the layers is improved, thereby improving the appearance of the product.

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